About This Blog

“What are you?!” It’s a question I get asked often living in health-conscious California. People are so eager to learn what dietary tribe you align yourself with, even before catching your name.

“What do you eat?!” More importantly, “What don’t you eat!?” It’s a daunting admission when you consider all the many dietary regimes that exist today: Vegans, Paleos, Pescetarians, Fruitarians and forget about trying to break down the many sub-cultures that fall under what used to be plain ol’ Vegetarian. It’s truly overwhelming.

I decided for me and my family, we were going to ditch the labels and create a simpler way of living. A way of life where we eat whole, natural foods that are grown from the earth or found in nature, prepared naturally, then served right to our table. It’s the way food is meant to be eaten for maximum health benefits, internal wellness and longevity.

You’ll find plant based, gluten free and ALWAYS refined sugar-free recipes on my blog, that are quick and easy to make, yet are full of flavor and nutrients, and something the entire family will enjoy.

I incorporate a lot of superfoods, vitamin-rich sea vegetables, potent powders and seeds into our meals, driving home the motto of eating for fuel and optimal nutrition, while also paying attention to food combining and how foods digest. Both elements are key components to vibrant health. I’ve seen it in my own life and I can’t wait to share it with you.

I hope these dishes will not only inspire you and your family to eat better, but to find a better way of living. A way of life that’s far away from calorie counting and nutritional omissions and onto a more simplified, conscious way of eating… food from the earth right to your table prepared with love.

Eat consciously, live authentically, be transformed!

**All recipes are 100% my own creation and can not be copied or used elsewhere without attribution and/or consent. Any recipe on “Earth To Amy” that has been adapted from another source/web-sight/chef is fully disclosed and is attributed to the original source. All images on “Earth To Amy” and recipes are subject to copyright.