About Me

I’m a mom on a mission to simplify the way our family eats. I want to get us as far away from the land of additives, preservatives, chemicals and most of all SUGAR and as close to nutrient rich, plant based meals as possible… the way food is meant to be eaten: grown from the earth, prepared naturally, served right to our table.

As a former News Anchor and Reporter I did hundreds of stories on health and nutrition. I reported weekly stories where I gave viewers information on how to live a better life, “Your Life Your Way,” all the while I was struggling to find my own way.

Fed up with dieting trials and epic fails, I knew I had to make some serious changes. I was constantly on a diet, living off coffee, counting every calorie, exhausted all of the time, irritable, but… I was thin. I knew how to drop weight quickly for special events and shoots, and combat any added “camera” weight, but after 10-years of using unhealthy means to try and maintain an unrealistic goal, I had to reevaluate. My short-term health was beginning to suffer and if I didn’t take action the effects would become long-term.

I armed myself with knowledge and studied-up on anything and everything that had to do with health and nutrition. I also started to really document my diet and food reactions. I cut out certain foods: processed foods and dairy. I also started carefully adding in certain foods: probiotics, fermented foods, seeds and potent powders.

I was astonished at the transformation that took place. Not only was there such a clear pattern on how a clean diet positively impacted my weight, but my hair, skin, nails, sleep and mental acuity. For the first time in my life I was actually eating live, vibrant foods in abundance, not gaining weight and feeling amazingly. Food had suddenly become less about deprivation and maintaining a certain weight and all about how alive and energetic I felt, when I ate unprocessed, whole foods.

Now, 7- years later, I continue to educate myself about nutrition, taking cooking classes and raw food courses and gaining a Level-1 Raw Food Certification so I can continue this path I created to wellness and share it with others.

My focus is no longer just on my personal health, but that of my children. My goal is to raise healthy eaters and to get them to eat the exact same foods and superfoods that me and my husband eat, and coming up with inventive dishes in order to do so, has become my life mission.

I approach cooking the same way I would a news story, very methodically: researching, gathering facts and passing that information on to you.

The mind-body-spirit connection is a powerful force. I hope this blog will supply you the knowledge to eat consciously, live authentically and be transformed… Transforming from the inside out, through the earth’s best foods!

**All recipes are 100% my own creation and can not be copied or used elsewhere without attribution and/or consent. Any recipe on “Earth To Amy” that’s been adapted from another source/web-sight/chef is fully disclosed and is attributed to the original source. All images on “Earth To Amy” and recipes are subject to copyright.